Nothing explains the mentoring and coaching process better than the experience and endorsements of clients.

For example, in 2013 we worked with a Director of communications for a leading educational charity:

"An external coach was really beneficial to my development. It has given me the opportunity to work through nebulous issues in a structured way.
Having regular meetings with Peter helped keep me on track and provided the reassurance that I'm now solving these problems the right way.
Peter has helped guide me towards a better outcome and I have more confidence as a result."

Following a series of coaching sessions, when asked, “What are you most proud of?” this client said: 

“The progress I’ve made in my working relationships with my team. I feel the time I’ve spent in our sessions, discussing an efficient and harmonious way of working has really paid off. I’m not 100% there yet but it’s becoming easier and the process of discussing things with an outsider has clarified which strategies work best.” 

Another client said:

"Peter’s style is easy, patient and not remotely overbearing…'s very easy to talk freely. I also appreciated the fact that he isn’t judgmental so even though he very much understands the environment in which I work, he managed to maintain a distance and didn’t make any comments about my decisions and performance, which helped me speak more openly.” 

A senior executive in the fashion industry said this in 2013:

“The process I went through with Peter, helped me focus on the issues, and got me motivated again (and maybe also give me a bit of the kick I needed to just get on with things, even if every line of attack didn't seem ideal to me at first)."

A Managing Director in the software industry had this experience in 2014:

"Peter’s style is that of a good friend. He listens well, and without providing direct guidance, his style of gentle probing and questioning leads one to develop a plan. With a twinkle in his eye he may well ask whether you have thought of an area you may have missed, and is very good at keeping you on track."

"The whole process was extremely helpful, with action points to be followed through and reviewed, and this made sure that things got done."

“I am enormously grateful to Peter for his professionalism and expertise in coaching and mentoring, as this made the whole process both enjoyable and highly effective.”